Making the most of your office productivity software

Maximize your productivity with advanced, affordable word processing and office support automation services.

Chuck Henrich’s software and services

As a consultant and developer I specialize in helping your firm use Microsoft Office or OpenOffice to power your business better.  Automating office applications and integrating them with the other software you use delivers cost-effective productivity boosts for any business – from small and home office to the enterprise. 


Word add-ins and OpenOffice extensions automate difficult or time consuming tasks.

They’re easy to install and use.  Any user – beginner to expert – can benefit from these handy apps.

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Consulting services

Customized solutions help you get more done, more quickly, easily and accurately:

  • intelligent templates and applications
  • stabilizing paragraph numbering and styles
  • house style development
  • integrating Word, Excel with databases and other systems
  • purchasing assistance – find and buy the right third-party software for your needs

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New versions:

Stylist Style Cloner 1.3.10

Stylist Style Copier 2.3.32


OpenOffice solutions

Compose Special Characters is one of the highest rated OpenOffice extensions, and one of the top four extensions mentioned in OpenOffice documentation.

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Word add-ins


Correspondence, documents, legal pleadings and advanced formatting in one easy to use toolbar.  Learn more…

Defined Terms Indexer®

Automatically find, highlight and index words and phrases in any document.  Learn more…

Stylist style tools

Manage Word styles more easily and reliably with Style Generator, Style Copier and Style Cloner.  Learn more…