Solutions grounded in real-world experience

I have over 20 years experience helping legal, financial services and medical clients use their word processing and other office productivity applications efficiently, so they can make the most of their software investment.

As a user of productivity software, I understand the business needs and usability issues that make software productive and an asset to your business.

As a developer, I understand what software can do well, how to integrate software applications so they complement each other, and how to work with third-party vendors to ensure you get best value for money.

Combining both perspectives – user and developer – I deliver cost-effective, easy to use solutions that serve my clients' business needs, with clear explanations of what works best and why.  Ongoing support and consultation means my solutions can adapt and evolve to support your business needs as they grow and change.

User-friendly design, efficient delivery, clear documentation and effective training ensure that my solutions deliver immediate and ongoing benefits for every user.

Please to discuss how I can help you get the most from your office productivity software.

Chuck Henrich