Consulting services

Customized solutions built around your specific needs can streamline your workflow and dramatically increase your productivity.  I work closely with your users – fee-earning professionals and administrative staff – as well as your IT personnel to produce the most user-friendly, cost effective solution for your specific requirements.

All my solutions are grounded in real world experience as both a user and developer.   Click here for more information about my background and approach.

Please to learn how I can help your firm exploit the full potential of your office software.


Templates and precedents

Customized templates and precedent libraries enable everyone in your firm to work more easily and efficiently.  Stable paragraph numbering, consistent house styling and automation accelerate document turn-around and bolster your firm’s reputation for quality work.


Integrated solutions

Get more value from your information with integrated solutions that connect Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook with your other business software like contact management applications, databases, time keeping and accounting systems.


Purchasing assistance

I can help you evaluate, choose and deploy the right software for your needs.  I assist my clients with software specifications, evaluation and deployment, and communicate their business needs in technical terms so vendors can respond effectively.