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Stylist Style Cloner lets you clone styles in any Word document by copying existing styles and giving them new names.  You can clone individual styles or style sets like headings or paragraph numbering levels.  Just choose the style or set of styles you want to clone, type in a new name and click Clone.

Style Cloner is part of the ProductivityApps Stylist suite of word processing style utilities.

Features at a glance:

Clone styles and paragraph numbering – fast and easy

Cloning styles saves you time because you don’t have to re-input formatting and numbering settings for every new style and numbering level.

For example, say you have a set of paragraph numbering styles in an appendix and you want to create a new appendix with similar styles but a different table of contents.  You can clone your existing appendix numbering styles, and have a separate table of contents for each appendix.  Because each appendix has its own set of paragraph numbering styles the paragraph headings from one appendix won’t show up in the table of contents of the other.

If you have a list style for numbering lists and you want to create a new list style that is similar but not identical, you can clone the existing list style and make your adjustments to the clone without having to re-input every level’s number format and font settings.

Or if you need a new set of headings but you’re already using Word’s built-in Heading styles, you can clone them and use your new ones with different formatting.

Stabilizes paragraph numbering

Style Cloner helps stabilize your paragraph numbering styles because it names the list templates that hold Word’s numbering information.  Unnamed list templates can become disconnected from the styles they’re supposed to automatically number, resulting in disconnected, disappearing and corrupt paragraph numbering.  Named list templates ensure that your styles stay linked to your numbering levels.  Stylist Style Generator makes it easy to create linked styles and named list templates.

Works with any open document

Style Cloner is a Word add-in so it works in any open Word document.

The styles you clone only affect the document you’re working on.  All your other documents remain as-is.  You can clone styles in a template to make them available to any other document based on that template, and you can copy your cloned styles to other documents using Stylist Style Copier.

Easy to use

The clear, easy to understand interface makes it simple for anyone to clone styles: no special word processing expertise needed.

Extendible, customisable

Consulting services are available to assist with customisation, integration with third party applications, and adding new features.


Per-desktop pricing makes Style Cloner affordable for any organization as well as individuals.  Volume discounts are available for more than 50 desktops.