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Style Copier

Style Copier


Style Copier allows you to copy styles between any two Word documents that are open on your screen.  It improves on Word's built in Organizer feature because it copies styles and numbering reliably and it works with open documents – Word’s Organizer only works with one open document at a time and can corrupt numbering copied between documents.  Style Copier is part of the Stylist style tools suite of word processing style utilities.

Features at a glance:

Reliably copy styles and paragraph numbering

Styles are at the heart of efficient word processing because they take care of formatting and numbering automatically.  If you want one document to look like another the quickest way is to copy the styles you want from your source document into your target document, instead of re-creating them in the new document and re-setting all the properties manually.

When you’re copying styles from one document to another you need to be sure that all the style settings are copied, especially automatic numbering.  Word’s Organizer can copy style text formatting without a problem, but the Organizer is notorious for not copying automatic numbering properly between documents.  Style Copier copies all style settings, even numbering.

Style Copier can stabilize your numbering because it checks to make sure the settings are correct in both the source and the copy.  If a style’s automatic numbering isn’t set up correctly the numbering can become broken or corrupt.

Easy to use

Select the document you want to copy from, the document you want to copy to, the styles you want to copy and click "Copy styles".  That’s it, done.

Style Copier is especially handy when your documents are stored in a document management system.  Document management systems store documents in folders that aren’t accessible to users. Because user’s can’t navigate to those folders, Word’s Organizer feature can’t access them.  Stylist Style Copier works with open documents so it doesn’t matter where they’re stored by the document management system.

Extendible, customizable

Stylist Style Copier is available as standalone utility, as well as a bundled component of the Stylist Style Generator add-in for Word.  Style Copier can be customized and extended, as well as integrated with other add-ins, custom menus and toolbars.  Consulting services are available to assist with customization, integration, and adding new features.


Style Copier is free. Customization, integration and new features are available as a paid consulting service.