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Style Generator makes it easy to create and define paragraph styles, including multi-level heading and paragraph numbering style sets for up to 9 levels, all from a single dialog box – numbering formats, text appearance, paragraph formatting, restart levels, indents, spacing, fonts, follow-on styles and more.  You can add and remove levels and numbering from your styles whenever you want.  Style Generator is part of the ProductivityApps Stylist suite of word processing style utilities.

Style Generator creates reliable paragraph numbering styles that don’t get disconnected or corrupted the way numbering styles can in Word’s built-in numbering gallery.

Features at a glance:

The easier way to create paragraph styles in Word

Style Generator’s single dialog box lets you create and edit paragraph styles and numbering at one go without having to drill down through layers of dialog boxes for each style level.  Using Word’s Styles and Formatting feature you have to drill down through at least 3 levels of dialog boxes to change basic formatting like fonts, and at least 4 to work with numbering.  If you change your mind you have to go back through the dialog hierarchy for each style level.

With Style Generator, you can create anywhere from 1 to 9 levels of related heading and numbering styles automatically.  Style Generator even adds and deletes levels automatically – just choose the number of levels you want and Style Generator adds or deletes them from your document.

To create sets of heading or numbering styles in Style Generator, you simply select or type a style name, specify how many levels you want, and set the formatting and numbering options for each level, all from one dialog box.  Style Generator automatically creates a style for each level with your formatting and numbering settings.  It also links each numbering level to the appropriate style.

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Works with existing styles

In addition to creating new styles, Stylist Style Generator works with your existing styles.  It lists all the styles in a document that appear to be multi-level headings or paragraph numbering.  You select the style or set of styles you want to modify and Style Generator loads all settings for all your selected styles, ready for editing.

Reliable paragraph numbering

Automatic paragraph numbering in Word relies on list templates: behind-the-scenes numbering formats that are attached to your paragraph styles.  Unfortunately, Word can create a new numbering list template in each document every time you change numbering using the Outline Numbering gallery, resulting in a variety of numbering lists that may look alike but aren't actually the same.  If you choose the wrong one your document numbering can become disconnected and restart randomly or you can lose your numbering altogether.

Style Generator stabilizes Word’s numbering because it creates named links between numbering levels and their styles.  Paragraph numbering created using Style Generator won’t break or become corrupted so long as you edit the styles you create correctly.

Extendible, customizable

Consulting services are available to assist with customization, integration with third party applications, and adding new features.


Per-desktop pricing makes Style Generator affordable for any organization as well as individuals. Volume discounts are available for more than 50 desktops.